Minelab E-TRAC Pro Metal Detector!

Manufacturer: MINELAB
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The Minelab E-trac is me personal detector of choice for land. Give me a call in our New Jersey Showroom and let me explain why.

Advanced digital filtering technology has been improved invention of new ways of guaranteeing the best measurement sensitivity and accurate discrimination. Improved scale discrimination supports the goal of identifying analysis using the fastest, most powerful microprocessors. The new device includes the highest achievements of ergonomics and the possibility of exchanging data with the computer via the USB port and program exchange. This allows you to download, save and send e-mail your favorite search installation! The logical, understandable menu supports easy access to all functions, making the E-TRAC an excellent choice for novice users and professional searchers.


You deserve the higher speed, performance and reliability of the Minelab  E-TRAC. 

28 frequencies simultaneously, from 1,5 kHz to 100 kHz. 
Full Band SprectrumTM Technology 
New light balanced coil, waterproof  11 inches in diameter 
The new display with a maximum resolution screen 
8 NiMH battery or alkaline batteries

A new software with a new microprocessor 
The new intuitive menu 
Full programming 
USB interface for your PC is used for 
      Preserving the user preferences 

      Preservation of samples settings 

      Preserving the preferred settings 

      Reboot parameters detector and other settings of your detector 

New technology QuickMaskTM for light iron discrimination 
Digital and graphic types of screen 
4 user program 
The new setup pinpoint
New Balance setting ground

Included from Minelab:  Koss Headphones, Rechargeable 1600 NiMH Battery, Alkaline Holder, 11 FBS Coil with Cover, AC Wall Charger, Detector Stand, 3 year warranty.

LengthMaximum55in (1400mm)
Minimum 43in (1100mm)
Configuration Shaft mounted
Technology Full Band Spectrum (FBS)
Transmit Frequency 28 Frequencies (1.5, 3, 4.5....100 kHz)
Ground Balance Modes Auto Ground Compensation - advanced digital filtering
NiMH Rechargeable Battery 9.6V, 1600mAh
Home AC Charger110V (USA)
Screen optionsSmartfind Technology, Dual Digital
Adjustable Arm Rest  
Detector Stand  
User Functions  
Custom Selection Discrimination YES
Saved Discrimination Patterns6
Learn Function (Accept/Reject)YES
Edit Function TargetsYES
Auto Noise Cancel (Scanning)YES
Noise ControlAutomatic & Manual
User Saved Settings (audio, tones etc)Current, User A, User B
ResponseNormal, Long, Smooth, Pitch Hold
RecoverySelectable (Fast & Deep)
Optional Accessories  
Coils8" DD coil, Coil covers
Battery9.6V, 1800mAh Longlife NiMH Battery Pack
Charger 12V, Cigarette lighter plug
Carry Bags, Rain CoversDurable cordura with window
Control Box 3 years
Coil3 years
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