Stealth 920iX

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The STEALTH 920iX Hybrid is 5 ” high x 9” wide and 13.5” long head

  • The wide cut helps when checking your hole with a 10" coil

  • Optional ¼” OD tubing supports instead of the 3/16” solid bars

  • The handle tips back 20 degree degrees or you can order at 90 degrees.

  • Now, you have the option of a U-bolt version for our 1 ½” handle

  • The lower rear is built with a 45 degree angle to help you retrieve your target!

  • Built in Ocean cover for rough waves

  • All 1/2” holes for fast sifting or you can order the Hybrid model which has 1/8” x 5/8” slots for catching those small items

  • Rugged, 304 Stainless Steel

  • Pointed front for easier digging and "picking" between rocks

  • The handle floats which is a huge benefit

  • Our 1 3/8” handle counter acts some of the scoop’s weight (not like thin handles)

  • With a STEALTH you have the option of our Carbon Fiber, Wooden Handle.

  • The perfect balance of strength and weight. Only 2.9 pounds without the handle

  • Clean open interior for finding your target fast

  • The top is slim which does not give resistance when digging deep!

  • You can disassemble for travel

  • Lifetime warranty (click here for details)

  • This is the most efficient scoop ever made

The price above is not the base model, handle sold separtely.

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