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New: “Lock’em Up” LIMITER  - Yellow- ON is Down position – OFF is Up position.

New: “Lock’em Up” Mode – Black -(detector compatibility Mono/Stereo)

Sun Ray Detector Electronics is proud to reintroduce our new Sun Ray Pro "Gold" Headphones. The GOLD standard of headphones offer a new higher quality, premier set of professional headphones without the highest price! Plus we have nowadded even more new features making these the premier metal detector headphones on the market today!!The Sun Ray Pro "Gold" version are manufactured according to the following specifications: 

  • High output 150 ohm (nominal impedance) speaker elements which are certified as hearing aid compatible and are sensitive enough to pick up even the faintest of signals. Aluminum case construction with polymer cones for moisture and sweat protection.
  • Dual multi position "segmented or detent" volume controls.
  • Enhanced Limiter Circuit with on/off switch (yellow).
  • Mode selector switch (black) makes the new Sun Ray Pros compatible with most metal detectors.
  • NEW “Lock’em Up” Toggle switch keep your selection in place.
  • "New" comfortable, lightweight dual swivel point ear cups with all "new" soft leather muffs. 
  • Adjustable leather headband.
  • Custom engineered coiled cable for more dependability and longer life!

The new foam padded soft leather muffs are not only more comfortable than the earlier vinyl muffs, they do not develop a "memory".  They conform to the shape of your head around your ears when worn and when taken off return to their original shape! Vinyl which normally has a life expectancy of (3) three years can get harder with time and the elements, which can cause a less comfortable fit as well as a noticeable increase in ambient (outside) noise. The former version of the  Sun Ray Pros yield a 24 decibel reduction in ambient noise blocking ability when new. The new Sun Ray Pro "Gold" version yields a 26 decibel reduction in ambient noise blocking ability and continues to block that noise day in and day out, year in and year out because they stay soft and comfortable!

Here are some of the new features of the new cable:

  • New polyurethane jacket for better memory retention of coils vs. the previous PVC cable!
  • More than 3X the number of copper strands (than previous cable) for more resistance to breakage!
  • New cable coil is 20" retracted vs 13" on previous cable.
  • Overall length of new cable is 38". Extended length approx. 24" longer than previous cable!
  • New "multidirectional" strain relief flex vs 2 directional on previous cable!
  • New cable jacket inserts fully into 1/8" molded, right angle plug vs previous cable.
  • EXTERNAL STRAIN RELIEF and 1/8" threaded right angle, molded GOLD PLATED PLUG!
  • New 1/4 Threaded adapt for a postive fit and added strength.

The new Sun Ray Pros will deliver a crisp audio response with volume to spare!

Same Limited Lifetime Warranty!

(PLEASE NOTE: Included Warranty card must be completed and returned to the address on card for warranty work to be performed!)

(NOTE: Warranty or non-warranty repair DOES NOT include return S&H charge. You should consider this before making a purchase, especially if you live outside the U.S.A.

(Compare the quality & performance of the Sun Ray Pro "Gold" version against other detecting headphones!)

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